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  • SEV102 : Group VAFS Flight tonight in Alaska!
  • Vetter Burns : «link» (Grin)
  • SEV102 : Click on the "FILED PIREP" Section to see how other pilot's did on their flights!
  • SEV102 : New VATSIM events on the calender for August! Let us know if you'd like to see more SEV scheduled events on our server!
  • Vetter Burns : I needed this page due to an internet outage. FYI. «link»
  • Vetter Burns : On SkyBlueRadio, that is... I am now a Staff Member! Hope to see you on tuesdays, but want to see y'all on Sundays! «link»
  • Vetter Burns : I missed Scruffy yesterday. My bad.
  • Vetter Burns : Don't tease me CountryBoy! (grin) «link»
  • SEV104 : Hey everyone guess who's back!! We should do a group flight soon what times are good?
  • SEV226 : Hello everyone.

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